Room by Emma Donaghue

Topics: World, The Great Escape, English-language films Pages: 3 (1208 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Joey Rodriguez
Period 1
Emma Donoghue author of the book Room a national bestseller is a great book about a five year old boy Jack held captive in an 11-11 foot room with his Ma. This book is a story about the strong relationship between a five year old kid and his mom and the story about a boy and his curiosity level in the outside world. The story begins on Jack’s 5th birthday in “Room.” To Jack Room is the world and he believes Room is all there is. Ma who is Jack’s mom had been locked in room for 7 years and has been in Room since she was 19. She had Jack when she was 21 and has raised Jack in Room. Jack and Ma have been captive by a man who Jack refers to as Old Nick. Old Nick had kidnapped Ma when she was 19 and has held her in Room ever since. Ma had tried to keep Jack safe. Ma had created a life for Jack but she knew it wasn’t enough for her or for him. Ma had tried her hardest to keep Jack safe under the circumstances that they had. Ma had rituals and a schedule they stuck to on a regular basis in Room. The television allowance in Room was limited and he thought everything on television was on another planet. Jack had been used to the schedule that Ma had set up for them. Ma had health issues because she did not have the resources that she needed and had to take meds for her condition. Jack had never gotten to know Old Nick because Old Nick would always come at night and Jack would have to be asleep at that time. Old Nick had given Ma and Jack a Sunday Treat but only on Sundays and Jack would ask for things such as a beach ball or books. When Jack had turned five Ma had realized that Jack was old enough to leave Room. Ma and Jack had made a plan to escape Room, which Jack referred to as the great escape. The first plan was to have Jack be sick and when he got to the hospital he would tell anybody about what had happened to them. Old Nick had not taken him and had left. The first plan had set up the second plan where Jack would pretend...
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