Room 101 Speech

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“Don’t Get Me Started On...”
Adverts. There like marmite, you either love them or hate them and I personally hate them. Whether its adverts on the television or in a magazine, they are all irritating and pointless. Its TV adverts that are the worst though. You’re sitting at home watching Titanic on ITV, when Kate Winslet whispers her lasts words to Leonardo- ‘I will never let go’, and releases him into the depths of the Atlantic. You’re sniveling becomes sobbing, the tears begin to flow and then Stacey Solomon’s voice ruins the atmosphere, advertising the latest frozen mini cheesecakes on the infamous Iceland advert. Your grief soon turns to anger and you think it can’t get any worse, until your hear the nauseating line ‘that’s why mum’s go to Iceland!’ The emotional moment has gone and you have to sit through two to three minutes of boring adverts. There are hundreds of these irritating adverts. From the go compare advert to the auto glass- the list goes on! It’s not just the emotional or romantic atmosphere they ruin either, it’s the suspense, drama or great sporting moment that you miss. Like when you’re watching a great episode of Midsummer Murders and you just are about to find out who murdered the teacher and the adverts appear. They are beyond annoying.

More than anything, it’s the catch phrases and little jingles that are most annoying. I don’t know how many days ‘Go compare’ has been ringing in my ears for after just the first word of the famous advert. A lot of the adverts are advertising pointless things that people see so many times that they don’t care for the latest insurance comparison website and when it comes to it a lot of people just to Google for help. We all rush out, purses and wallets in hand; handing over ridiculous amounts of money for something we don’t even need and doesn’t work but that the advert makes look easy. How much does it say about the products that they have to use sneaky methods to sell them? Its quite sickening when you...
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