Room 101

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ROOM 101
The Royal Family
What? But you can’t get rid of them, they’re the royal family! Its old English tradition and brings tourism! How can we NOT have a royal family?!
Well, just think, what do they actually do?
They lead lives of luxury and privilege, go to the best schools have wonderful childhoods. But why them, why the royal family? They did nothing to earn it, they were just lucky enough to be born into that family.
They represent the outdated notion of class an aristocracy which to me means nothing more than keeping success within a group of people just because they happened to be born into it.
Secondly I don’t like the way they act. They act like they are successes and deserve respect when in fact; their air of superiority is not derived from success, but from being stuck up their own bottoms because they were fortunate enough to be born into that family!
Then educationally most of them are pretty average considering the schools they went to. For example Prince Harry scraped a B in history and D in geography after going to Eton. Let’s face it, if he lived in the real world he would probably be stacking shelves instead of being an army officer.
They are not good role models either, throwing lavish parties when the economy is in turmoil and Prince Harrys recent Las Vegas scandal…well, it wasn’t his finest moment. This isn't out of jealousy, even if I was rich, I'd still dislike them because their air of superiority isn't to do with them being rich but instead, ‘titled'.

So I hope you will agree that the royal family is pointless in this modern time.

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What’s wrong with paper towels??
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