Ronaldo vs. Messi

Topics: FIFA World Player of the Year, Real Madrid C.F., FC Barcelona Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Professor Gibson
English Comp. 1
16 April 2013
Differences between Messi and Ronaldo
For the last five years the race for the FIFA World Player of the Year award has been closely contested by two individuals, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. For lack of better terms, the award is given to the footballer who had the best performance for the year making him the best player on the planet. In such a globalized sport as is soccer or football earning the title is an outstanding achievement considering the tens of thousands of professional players around the world compete for it annually. The rivalry saw its beginning in the year 2009 when Ronaldo won the award for the first time following an amazing season in England. However, the young Lionel Messi was not far behind that year and he demonstrated his skill by unanimously winning the next four consecutively. Messi’s most recent one in 2013 was enough to become a Guinness World Record. The two footballers possess many game-changing attributes that define their playing style, the three most disputed topics include: physical strength, worth, and achievements.

Physical strength is one of the obvious differences that can be noticed when spectating the two footballers perform. The difference is moderately noticeable; Messi’s height is five feet-seven inches while Ronaldo has a more athletic complexity standing at six feet-two inches. The margin of difference is large leading any non-soccer fan to believe that Ronaldo would naturally be better. Strangely enough that is not the case and even stranger is the fact that Messi’s small size gives him a slight advantage over the competition. Although their size does not interfere with their unbelievable skill, it does dictate their style of play. Messi makes good use of his small size to swiftly dribble past almost any defender that stands in his way. Additionally he is able to execute changes in pace and direction in a way no other active footballer can. On...
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