Ronald Reagan

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Whitney Davis
Mr. Greenlee
English II
January 28 2013
President Ronald Reagan

Most of the world knows Ronald Reagan as the 40th President of the United States of America but many do not know how he got to be one of the greatest communicators the world has yet to face. Reagan wasn’t born into politics like most may think but raised as the average person in Dixon, Illinois. From the start he was set on being a leader. Ronald Regan opened the eyes of many Americans as he stepped into office with his mind set on the bettering of the nation as he proposed plans that would build up the corrupted Jimmy Carter Era.

Reagan graduated from Dixon High School in 1928 where he excelled in the fields of drama, drawing, and journalism. With these interests in mind he applied to Eureka College where he worked his way through school. Reagan graduated during a time of high unemployment and he luckily found a job working as a radio announcer, not knowing that it was going to rank him as one of the best-known sports announcers in the Midwest. He sought out for bigger things where he was led to Warner Brothers Production Agency in California who offered him a contract of two hundred dollars a week. This opportunity was the start of his public career as he stared in fifty-two films.

Reagan took a turn from the production side of his life and began to seek an interest in politics. Some say that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the major inspirers of Reagan’s political turn. Until the age of 50 Ronald Reagan was a devote Democrat like his parents. It wasn’t until 1962 that Reagan switched his Democratic ways to be a conservative and zealous Republican. Ronald Reagan ran for his first political position in 1966 when he ran for governor of California. His success against the two-term Democrat, Edmund G. Brown, put him in his first term of office where he would be reelected again in 1970. The governing style that Ronald Reagan used in California was very much like...

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