Ronald Reagan’s Second Inaugural Address, 1985

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: January 28, 2012
Ronald Reagan’s Second Inaugural Address, 1985
Balance of Power, Defense, and Security
In reading the excerpt from Ronald Reagan’s second inaugural address, the three concepts that I found to be of meaning to me are the Balance of Power, Defense in terms of military strength, and Security for the means of protecting this nation at a time when super-power uncertainty between the United States and the Soviet Union was unbalanced. In 1985, the United States and the Soviet Union relations were coming to a new balance of power when the Soviet Union collapsed into independent nation’s beginning early in 1985. After years of Soviet military build-up at the expense of domestic development; economic growth was at a standstill. The United States was flourishing from an economic boast in a growth and strengthening of military power to bring the United States into a new leap in technological advancement over the Soviet’s. In Ronald Reagan’s second inaugural speech, he states in paragraph 30 that “One nation, the Soviet Union, has conducted the greatest military buildup in the history of man, building arsenals of awesome offensive weapons.” In this statement, Ronald Reagan knew that he had to direct the United States’ Military in a direction that would equal or surpass the strength of the Soviet military and any future threat to this nation that would come. The balance of power here between both super powers of the time was to build the military might as much as possible all in only to avoid the use of the last resort of a weapon that would be to come to a nuclear war. This would lead to Ronald Reagan’s vision of a Defensive might for the United States to broaden its military strength, and technology advancement over the Soviet Union. In Reagan’s inaugural speech, he makes this statement in paragraph 31, “We have made progress in restoring our defense capability. But much remains to be done. There must be no wavering by us, nor any doubts by others, that...

Cited: Ronald Reagan Second Inaugural Address, Monday, January 21, 1985
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