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This report will take a focused look into some key areas of the company RONA Incorporated. After beginning with a background history of RONA, we will then discuss the products and services of the company including: the target market, how RONA promotes and ensures quality, the incorporation of technology in business, and their overall benefit to society. After a critique of RONA’s social responsibility as well as a financial analysis, the report will conclude with recommendations as to the employability of RONA.

The research for this report was conducted from a number of secondary sources from the Haskayne Business Library Databases, including: Mint Global, Mergent Online, and SEDAR. These were selected in order to minimize certain bias concerns with gathering information from various sections of the RONA website such as the RONA 2007 Annual Report and the RONA Panorama Journal.

_Company Background__________ ___________ ____________
Officially formed on October 6, 1939, RONA Incorporated has secured a strong presence in the home-improvement and retail industry. Today, with approximately 27,000 employees and $6.2 billion in annual retail sales, this independently owned company has earned the title of the “largest Canadian distributor and retailer of hardware, home renovation, and gardening products” (Mint Global Report, 2008). RONA Inc. established its head office in Boucherville, Canada and has spread across the country with an integrated network of approximately 679 franchise, affiliate, and corporate stores. Over the years, RONA has been able to acquire various businesses that were operating under the same umbrella of home improvement. An overview of the different RONA names and acquisitions can be found in Appendix A.

The retail sector in Canada accounts for approximately 9.7% of the total Canadian business establishments with total numbers reaching over 230,000 nationwide. Despite starting off 2008 with slowing consumer spending, this third largest...
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