Romulus My Father Belonging

Topics: Mad World, Gary Jules, Tears for Fears Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: July 31, 2010
Movie name "District 9" Director :Niell bromkamp 2009
Named of paintings "Maria" or "Joe" Artist :Drysdale Both Made: 1950 Name of song : "Mad world" Artist : Tears for Fears

Belonging is a fundamental element of which must be fulfilled in order to keep a person happy. This fulfilment can come from a wide variety of subjects, it can be those groups which we are automatically subjugated to such as family; and those in which acceptance comes from filling unspoken criteria, such as social groups, attained through the judgement of mediums, such as; (but not limited to) personality, appearance, age, background and morals. The book "Romulus my Father" and the movie “District 9” both explore the values of appearance in helping us associate with our peer groups. While the song Mad World by Tears for Fears questions and explores under what circumstances people feel they belong and how people may deal with events that may cause them to feel alienated from these social groups, whether it be family or public.

Topic sentace: (A connection to the landscape and society that a person grows up in is a natural emotion in order to help people feel as if they belong.) So when the Gaita family moves to Australia, Romulus attempts to make himself feel comfortable, “He went in search of others like him” in his new surroundings and assumed the friendship of two other Yugoslavian immigrants. It is not only people he seeks to help assert himself, but also the flora This was the approach of many immigrants from European countries "The Europeans did not see beauty in the Eucolyptus trees, they only saw oil." This is also the case in the movie "District 9" with the main character Wika; who throughout the film attempts to attain his human conscience, feelings and appearance, he does this by hiding his deformation with rags which shows he feels and resists his newly found impulses as he changes from a human to a "Prawn". This hiding with rags symbolises his disgust for the...
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