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        Shakespeare's use of similes in Romeo and Juliet appear different then what is written in modern-day time. This is mainly because they are not as obviously written in the play unlike today where it is easy to spot a simile or even another literary language like metaphors. His style is so different that our minds aren't used to interpreting such a difference in writing. Shakespeare's similes can seem hidden and some may argue that they aren't similes at all but they are there! There isn't a title for how the author of this play writes and it is most definitely English but it sticks to roots far lost from our current time and date. It can be assumed that the way he wrote and the way he used literary languages was that it was popular and very respected as his plays are still used today, taught to high school students alike. Even though he chooses to present his similes in a way we as people do not commonly recognize, he still manages to make it sound and appear beautiful in our heads. When interpreted, the image we can make out of similes and the like are clear enough that we may not even need a movie.

        "The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars, as daylight doth a lamp." (II.ii.19-21) In this similar, Romeo is comparing Juliet's face to light. In today's time, a similar is described as using like or as in which this case Shakespeare does not. However, this does not disqualify it from being a comparison. It is extremely tricky to find what is and isn't a simile and what is just a line in the play. Today, such a line as mentioned in the first sentence would probably be written as, "The brightness of her cheeks are light stars in the night." Shakespeare makes such a sentence seem almost complicated but beautiful all the same. "The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars," It can be an easy mistake to see this as a metaphor and many probably would but, by definition unknown to many younger people, by definition is truly the roots of...
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