Romeo & Juliet Act Iii Study Guide

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Romeo and Juliet: Act III Study Guide

Scene 1
1) At the beginning of the scene, Benvolio thinks he and Mercutio should leave. 2) Tybalt hopes to fight with Romeo.
3) Tybalt calls Romeo a villain.
4) Romeo won’t fight Tybalt because they are now family since he married Juliet. 5) Mercutio gets stabbed when Romeo stands in front of him and Tybalt accidentally stabs him under Romeo’s arm. 6) Mercutio keeps repeating “A plague o’ both you houses” because he knows his death was caused by the family feud. 7) Romeo says that Juliet’s love has weakened him and made him effeminate. 8) When Romeo says “O, I am fortune’s fool!” he means everything that happened was because it was his fate. 9) The Prince is so upset with what has happened because Mercutio is related to him and he was killed. 10) Lady Capulet accuses Benvolio of lying about who killed Mercutio because he is a Montague. 11) Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt is getting banished from Verona.

Scene 2
1) Juliet is impatiently waiting for nighttime at the beginning of the scene. 2) In this scene, Juliet rapidly changes attitudes towards Romeo. She is first mad at him, but when the Nurse insults him she gets mad at her and defends him. 3) The piece of news that upsets Juliet the most is that Romeo has gotten banished from Verona. 4) The nurse promises to get Romeo to meet Juliet at night.

Scene 3
1) When Romeo finds out that he is banished from the town he falls to the floor crying. 2) Romeo tells Friar Laurence that the priest cannot know or understand how he feels because they aren’t young or married. 3) Friar Laurence argues to Romeo that it could have been worse to prevent Romeo from killing himself. 4) The nurse gives a ring from Juliet to Romeo.

5) Friar Laurence tells Romeo to spend his special night with Juliet, then to leave for Mantua in the morning.

Scene 4
1) The reason given for why Juliet is staying in her room is...
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