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Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Rome and Juliet was a play written by William Shakespeare in 1959. Set in Verona Italy it is the story of two star crossed lovers doomed by fait to be separated due to the bad blood between the two families. It chronicles the lives of these two lover and their struggle to be together in a time were family honour was held above everything and love was thought to be foolish. Romeo above all things is a pacifist and will look for any way to make peace this is most prominent when he tries to befriend tybalt after being attacked a beaten by the character for no apparent reason. in act 3 scene 1 line 65 “I do protest I have not injured thee but love more than thou” this quote portrays Romeo as a true pacifist who would rather be beaten by tybalt then create conflict. Romeo displays a level of maturity and humility that was very uncommon at the time. so to summarise in this quote Romeo is portrayed as a true pacifist that look for any opportunity to avoid conflict and make peace even if it costs him his pride. Romeo is a very passionate and loving character this is show when he speaks about both Rosaline and Juliet. as shown in act 1 scene 5 line 46 “a beauty to rich for use for earth to dear” the passion and articulacy with which he speaks is a true testament to his love for Juliet. The phrase “for earth to dear” portrays Juliet as being something so pure it would be corrupted by the earth or in other words something Romeo would fight to protect. Although this willingness to protect something might seem to be a self-contradicting characteristic for such a pacifistic character it like the passion and articulacy with which he speaks are indication of his love for Juliet. Showing that he love Juliet enough to abandon his morals for her protection. So in short in this quote show Romeo is a very passionate and loving character who is willing to do anything to protect the women he loves. Romeo is a very honourable and loyal friend who cared deeply for mercutio...
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