Romeo Engine Plant

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Romeo Engine Plant


Romeo Engine Plant has established the Romeo Quality Process (RQP) with the objective of; -Understanding customer expectations on engine performance,
-Deploying such understanding in the manufacturing process and achieve minimal Variation,
By employing;
- Zero-defect philosophy,
- No rework policy,
- Continuously improving product quality and process efficiency.


Deploying teams responsible for manufacturing, engineering, Quality Control, Production systems and supplier relationships.

Laid down target levels for product and process characteristics adapting a Zero defects philosophy. No rework approach
Defective engines during the manufacturing process were scrapped. Engine Exchange Program; if an engine is identified to be defective by the Dealers or assembly plants and the same cannot be fixed by minor repair, such engines are exchanged with new ones and the complaint ones are brought to the factory for evaluation. Complaint form and Action plan; Quality problem are logged in to a complaint form and action plan were prepared within 24 hours. Plans shall specify the defect, the solution and steps to prevent recurrence. Quality problems originating from out side the plants called for action plans of less than 24 hours.

Vehicle Quality survey; Bench marking Romeo engines against those used by competitors to attain best-in-class quality.

Life Education Centre (LEC); Education and training initiative offering courses from high school equivalency to graduate technical and management skills.

Knowledge based integrated design and engineering with process staff integration of very high level.

Product development structure: Adopted a do-it-differently philosophy by think–problem solve-ensure quality methodology.

Flexible work assignments, Encouraging initiative, creativity and prudent risk taking by production staff and mangers.

Information system: Highly customized, integrated and real time systems with 5 Digital Equipment Corporation, VAX Computers plus 350 personal computers in the plant. Software developed and adapted for Romeo application.

Machine Monitoring Systems; Monitoring and paging system integrated to automatic gauging equipments with fault code indicators page message to concerned operators, with fault code and machine ID.

Bottleneck operations; are thoroughly evaluated and streamlined.

Pareto analysis; on defects caused attacking major causes and monthly meeting with internal and outside suppliers focusing on Quality, productivity. Full losses caused by defective parts are billed to supplier.

Check Book System: Worked like a charge card with nominal daily limit, with each team receiving an authorization for how much they spend an indirect material. Teams negotiated directly with supplier for parts they wanted.


Romeo Engine Plant mostly used the Belief system to drive their manufacturing strategy. They also employed other levers to make the control process effective.

Belief Systems;
Though processes are automated, Romeo had a work team organization where people have to think, solve problems and ensure quality. Encouraged initiative, creativity and prudent risk taking. Teams are allowed to negotiate with suppliers directly for supplies. Created an atmosphere where people strive as a team to achieve common objective.

Diagnostic Control Systems;
Information systems and Auto paging; Automatic unmanned machines with automatic gauging equipment to signal defective part /jammed material which also display the status and fault code. Computer sends automatic page message to the operators. The team Manager got automatic page message on critical/bottleneck resources. Auto generated MMS signaled failure, machine ID and fault code. Ensured a continuous feed back mechanism helped in preventing bottlenecks, quality, customer focus and minimal product performance variance.

Real time tracking report for operational metrics like, m/c...
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