Romeo and Juliet..Was It Destined by Fate?

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: September 2, 2007
Romeo and Juliet
Was it destined by fate?

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story of two lovers whose death was sealed by fate, and whose destiny was to be that they were to die in one another's arms. With love, revenge, misfortune, secrecy and ancient grudges, all contributing to the unavoidable ending which had already been destined by fate; the ending which ceased what seemed like an eternal feud between two families.

It was love at first sight and Romeo and Juliet where overtaken by the most powerful emotion felt by humans. This of course was brought upon by fate. If it were not for Mercutio convincing Romeo to gatecrash the party, then the sequence of events would not have succeeded, but once again, fate took over. Romeo had a gut instinct that it was a bad idea to go to the party, "And we mean well in going to this mask; But ‘tis not wit to go."(Act 1 Scene 4) Romeo outlines that he did not think it right to crash Capulet's party, and that there was doubt involved. Yet fate urged him to listen to Mercutio's words and go ahead with the gatecrashing. There of course he saw his love, Juliet. Even though Romeo already seemed besotted by one Rosaline, all was forgotten as he immediately fell for his forbidden love Juliet. Fate brought the two together, to meet once again at her balcony, and there to share such words of passion, which resulted in the two agreeing to, each others hand in marriage. The marriage quickly proceeded the next morning, this once again influenced by fat. For it was that week that Juliet was to get married to Paris, yet fate organised it so she met Romeo just days before the wedding, instantly forgetting her marriage with Paris. It was fate that timed it so that Romeo and Juliet would have no time to hesitate and consider their option, and think about the situation rationally, so to come to a sensible conclusion. If that had occurred, then the death could have been prevented, but fate made sure that all those events were to take place, at...
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