Romeo and Juliet: Summary of the Scenes

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Romeo and Juliet
Scene 1
Act 1, Scene 1: Sampson and Gregory, the servants for the house of Capulet, are walking through the streets of Verona. They both are venting to each other about how they despise the house of Monague, they both wish to have a brawl with the other house. They then see other see two servants from the other house and decide to “bite there thumb” at them in order to start a fight. The two houses have a fight, and the prince decides that the fighting between the two houses has gone on too long, and decrees that if any more fights start there will be a death sentence for the one that are in it. Later on Benvolio from the house Monague discusses to Romeo as to why he is sad and Romeo admits his love for Rosaline and that she does not feel the same back. And Benvolio makes it his mission to help Romeo get over Rosaline.

Act 1, Scene 2: Capulet walks with a Paris, kinsmen of the Prince, Paris discusses his desire to marry Capulet’s daughter Juliet. He asks Paris to wait two years since Juliet is only 13. Capulet then asks Paris to the masquerade ball, so that he can began to woo Juliet. Capulet then tells one of his servants, Peter to invite the list of people he’s given him. Although Peter cannot read, so there for he will just wing it. Peter then asks Romeo and Benvolio to the party not knowing that are from the house of Monague. Romeo decides to go in order to see Rosaline, because he still is in love he, and wishes to see her at the party.

Act 1, Scene 3: Juliet’s Mother, Lady Capulet, and the nurse begin to talk to Juliet about the idea of getting married telling her that her mother was about her age when Juliet was born. Juliet says she has not thought about getting married. Lady Capulet tells her she must think about the idea because Paris wishes to marry him. Juliet tells her that she will look upon Paris at party to see if she wants to marry him. Then one of the servants come in to announce that the party is to start. Act 1, Scene 4: Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio all wear masks to the party since they are from the house of Monague. Mercutio makes fun of Romeo telling him that Love is pointless, he then goes into a long speech. Romeo interrupts the speech. Romeo states that he has a feeling that the night is going to end in the action of death.

Act 1, Scene 5: Romeo see’s Juliet at the party and begins to ask who she is. Romeo then forgets about Rosaline and states that he has never been in love until this moment. Tybalt from the house of Capulet, then hears Romeo’s voice and recognizes it. Tybalt sends a servant to fetch Romeo and send him away but Capulet scolds him and tells him there will be no harming of the youth at this feast. But Tybalt promises that he will not forget about this. Romeo goes up to Juliet, and touches her hand, he tries to get her to kiss him, and Juliet agrees. Romeo asks the nurse who Juliet’s mother is and then Romeo is devastated. Benvolio then leads Romeo away from the feast. Juliet decides that if Romeo is already married she will kill herself, in order to find out she asks the nurse to identify who the people are at the party. The nurse then tells her that his name is Romeo, and he is from the house of Montague. Scene 2

Act 2, Scene 1: Romeo decides he cannot go home yet, but that he must find Juliet, he climbs the wall going into the Capulet orchard. Romeo’s friends call for him, Romeo however does not answer knowing they would try to stop him. Juliet appears on her balcony above where Romeo is standing, he doesn’t speak to her but waits to see what she has to say. Talking to the stars she admits her love for Romeo, but asks why Romeo must be Romeo and be from the house at which he is from. Romeo then talks to her, Juliet is surprised as to why Romeo is there, she’s afraid that if Romeo is found in the orchard he will be killed. They then both profess their...
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