Romeo and Juliet News Report: The Grand Ball of the Capulets

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The Grand Ball of The Capulets
The Grand Ball of The Capulets

HEADLINE: The Grand Ball of the Capulets
BY LINE: Sunday,1965 hannah

Late Sunday night in the City of Verona, the house of the Capulet’s had a Grand Ball. The Ball was really astonishing as you enter into the Capulet’s door with the music welcoming you. The House of the Capulet is congesting with Capulet and family friends. They started the party with a feast and some entertainments. Then the most awaited part of the fest finally happens, the traditional dance they do. Young Juliet the Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet’s only daughter was dancing really gracefully as everyone noticed. Everybody was encourage to dance but one guy really stood out on peoples sight. A very mysterious looking guy. Known by the name, Romeo. Young Juliet, and Romeo was dancing together very gracefully, Some say they could see a chemistry between the two while they were dancing. Everyone was actually talking about the two (Romeo and Juliet). But at the same time everyone was genuinely curious about Romeo. A Capulet named Donna curiously asked, `Who is this guy Romeo., I don’t think I`ve ever seen him around.`` Tybalt, the Lord Capulet’s nephew heard about the name Romeo, and all of sudden He came up to the Lord Capulet saying that the guy who is dancing was a Montague named Romeo. “Young Romeo?” the Lord Capulet asked sarcastically, “Yes Sir, the Young Romeo Sir, the one and only

The Capulet`s hall
The Capulet`s hall

son of the Lord Montague and Lady Montague.”Tybalt stated. But it seems like the Lord Capulet didn`t really care about having Romeo in his party. ``Romeo is a Young wealthy man, I don’t think he would do anything abominable, leave him alone and lets just enjoy the party`` said Lord Capulet.Tybalt looked vindictive about not having Romeo kick-out of the Party. ``I couldn`t believe how Uncle (Lord Capulet) just let a Montague enter and stay on a Capulet’s house``. As the party went on,...
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