Romeo And Juliet Movie Vs Play

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As could be expected when a Shakespearean play becomes a modern movie there were many differences in scenes. The play began with a confrontation on a Verona street between servants of the Montague house and the Capulet house. The movie also began with a confrontation between the two houses, but took place at a gas station that they proceeded to set fire to. The famous balcony scene of the play was quite different from the movie in that Romeo and Juliet ended up in the pool and were kissing, and that did not happen at all in the play. The movie completely skips the scene where the Capulets were preparing for Paris and Juliet’s wedding, and where Juliet apologized to her father for her earlier actions which resulted in her father moving the wedding to Wednesday. In the play, when Romeo was coming from Mantua to the Capulet tomb in Verona nobody was chasing after him and when he arrived at the tomb …show more content…
Instead of having someone come out onto the stage to recite the prologue, it was said by a news anchorwoman on television. The play had a prince who made rules, but the movie’s prince was really the city’s police chief. The weapons of choice in the 1990s were not swords and daggers but guns, and their mode of transportation were cars not horses. Mantua was not just the next closest city to Verona as the play portrayed it, but instead a desolate trailer park. Lastly, in the play, Friar Lawrence sent Friar John to Mantua with the letter that explained the complicated and risky plan to Romeo, but Friar John didn’t make it to Mantua because he was quarantined because health officials thought he had the plague. The plague was no longer in existence in the 1990s, and Friar Lawrence had no need to send a personal messenger to Mantua because the postal service took care of services involving mail by that time

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