Romeo and Juliet Movie vs Book

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: October 21, 2009
Romeo and Juliet, the dramatic love story everyone knows. Many times the play by William Shakespeare is compared to the movie produced by Baz Luhrman. Most always when movies are compared to the books, the books are better, but not quite in this case. Yes, the play is very good as well as the movie, but the play has its great parts, and its not so great parts as well. Just like the movie, it also has its good parts also many things that are the same in both the movie and play, but of course they have changed and bad parts. There are things from the play when made into the movie. The play and movie are both great but have their strengths and weaknesses.

At the Capulet party Romeo and Juliet meet. This happened the same in both the movie and play. Romeo is there at the party with his friends Mercutio and Benvolio. At this time he is in love with a girl named Rosaline, but not for long. As simple as it may seem Romeo falls in love with just a look at Juliet. As he asks her to dance and the talk about kissing, Romeo and Juliet have their first kiss, and certainly not their last. Romeo and Juliet kiss again. Until the nurse arrives and takes Juliet away. The play did a better job in the story because it gives the detail needed to imagine everything, and once it is imagined nothing can ever compare.

In both the movie and the play Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, did not get along with Mercutio, Romeo’s dear friend. One day, the day that Romeo and Juliet secretly got married actually. Tybalt and Mercutio were fighting, and it got out of hand just as Romeo appeared. Romeo was now standing between his new cousin and his long time dear friend. Now in the play Tybalt stabbed Mercutio right in the side with a sword while reaching under Romeo’s arm. But in the movie he stabbed Mercutio with a piece of

broken glass. Then while Romeo stood there in astonishment, he was taken over by anger. He avenged his friends’ death by fighting back at Tybalt, and causing him an untimely...
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