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Topics: Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, Actor Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Katlyn Davis
Ms. Jones
English Honors 7
William Shakespeare’s Award for Greatness
William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet is believed to be written between 1591 and 1595. It is amazing, that centuries later people can still enjoy his great masterpieces. The first time Romeo and Juliet was on film was in 1968, which is practically three hundred seventy-seven years after he wrote it. Another film, was released in 1997, four hundred six years later. I believe that the 1997 William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet should win the Award for Greatness for two main reasons. Many connections between the audience and play can be made easily and it shows Shakespeare’s comical personality.

The 1997 version of Romeo + Juliet there is many connections that can be made between Shakespeare’s time era and ours. Because the actors spoke in the traditional language it was written in, but used a modern setting, it shows the audience a better way to connect with Shakespeare’s plays instead of simply reading it and not understanding what anything being said means. Another way people connect to the story and movie is through the fighting or “action” scenes. In this version the actors use guns and knives instead of swords during the fighting scenes. This helps the reader connect to the story because we no longer use swords, but they still give the weapons names such as “long sword”.

Shakespeare was known for often adding pieces of comedy to his plays though they were serious or sad stories. In the 97’ version of Romeo and Juliet it shows the comical side of the play better the 68’ version. In the beginning of the movie, they speed acting up which makes it comical to watch. In other parts they are over dramatic. Shakespeare would want people to be able to understand the comedy of his plays, and this movie shows it well.

Many parts of the 1968 versions of Romeo and Juliet are well done, but Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet filmed in 1997 is better made and performed....
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