Romeo and Juliet: Letter to Adriana from Juliet

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Marriage, Characters in Romeo and Juliet Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: January 3, 2006
20 July, In the Year or our Lord, 1437
To my dearest Adriana,
Since we previously spoke, multiple events have occurred. My sweet Romeo, and I were deeply in love like a burning flame of passion, so we decided to be joined in holy matrimony. We were married by Friar Laurence on 18 July, 1437, and we haven't dared to speak of it to our parents, for we know they'd never allow our love to remain. Romeo and I will most likely hide this from our rivaling families until death separates our bodies and joins our spirits eternally.

On the day we wed, my dear kinsman Tybalt challenged my dear loving husband to a duel. Romeo, not wanting to hurt his fellow kinsman, refused to join in this bloody battle, but his dearest friend Mercutio provoked angry Tybalt to fight him in place of Romeo. While Romeo was trying with all his heart to stop the battling enemies, Tybalt threw his arm under Romeo, stabbed Mercutio, and Mercutio fell to the ground and died. Now Romeo was angry with a strong passion to avenge Mercutio, and he did by then challenging Tybalt to a duel, and taking his life. All of the Capulets were depressed and had heavy hearts of sorrow at the sudden murder of Tybalt, and they wished for Romeo to be killed. The good prince however saw that if Romeo hadn't killed Tylbalt, he would have been killed. Then he chose to banish Romeo from Verona forever, instead of killing him for avenging his dearest friend.

Hearing of this sorrowful news broke my heart more than I can say, and to make my devastated mood even worse, my father decided that I have to marry Paris, or he will permanently disown me. Once I heard about this, I went to Friar Laurence for his wise consulting in my state of need. Then with both of our wise heads doing the thinking, we came up with a risky but genius plan. He has a potion that will make someone appear to be deceased for forty-two hours. At the present time, I plan to drink the dangerous vile the evening before I am to be married...
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