Romeo and Juliet Impulsive Acts

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Love Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Yireth Robledo
Mrs. Cohen
March 15th, 2012
In the play of Romeo and Juliet that William Shakespeare wrote many impulsive things happened that Romeo, Juliet, Lord Capulet and Lawrence did, that the result was the tragedy Romeo and Juliet’s death.

Some impulsive things that Romeo made were when he saw Juliet for the fist time and he feels like loving her. That’s an ignorant thing to fell, because to love someone needs to know each other at least 2 or 3 moths. So I think Romeo is confusing about love someone or like someone. “Did my heart love till now? Foreswear it sight. For ne’er saw true beauty till this night” (Act I, Scene V, line 53). Another thing he did impulsively was when he married with Juliet. I think that he acted very stupid because no one is going to get married without know that person as well they have to, to get married.

Juliet has doing many impulsive things. One of them is to married Romeo. She also disobeyed her father in getting married with Romeo. I agree with Juliet because her situation was very difficult. It was to get married with the man that her father chooses for her. If I would have to choose to married someone I don’t want I would not do it just because of my dad. Another impulsive thing was when she accepts the Friars plan. The plan was this. Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a potion that makes her seem as if she was dead. A messenger is sent to Romeo telling him she is not actually dead and to meet her in the morgue so they can run away together, but I didn’t work. “Give me, give me! O tell not me of fear.” (Act IV, Scene I, line 23). Lord Capulet, Juliet’s dad also did many impulsive things. One of them was when he worried by his daughter's frantic grief over her cousin's death that he decides that marriage might help her recover. He decides that Juliet and Paris should be married later that week. Juliet tells him that he didn’t want to but Capulet tell her to do it or to never look at his face again. “I’ll tell...
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