romeo and juliet happy ending

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Love Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: February 17, 2014
There have been different interpretations of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare originally wrote the play with Romeo and Juliet committing suicide to be together for eternity to show that true love does not always have a happy ending, but that love and devotion is more powerful than hatred. Productions have been altered so that the two star crossed lovers run away to Mantua together and live a ‘happy ending.’ The problem with that ending is that it is no longer a tragic love story. It turns into a typical, and almost unrealistic, story where the boy gets the girl. Although, in those stories, they never show where they end up, or what happens after the happy ending. After Romeo and Juliet’s happy ending in the modified version of the play, the two wouldn’t feel the same way about each other as they did before. If Romeo and Juliet didn’t die, then Shakespeare’s story would have caught the reader’s eye not because of the love and compassion, but for the broken hearts and regret. Shakespeare wrote that Friar Laurence had a plan to get the two lovers to be together. Unfortunately, the plan backfires when Romeo is informed that Juliet is dead. Romeo then rushes to Verona to die next to his beloved wife. Later, Juliet wakes up from a potion that only made her look dead, but she was really asleep. She then finds that Romeo has taken his life, so she does the same and kills herself to be with him. If none of that had happened, then that means that the plan worked. Romeo and Juliet run off to Mantua to spend the rest of their life together. Since Romeo is exiled and Juliet is thought to be dead, they no longer have their families anymore- they only have each other. Because they only knew each other for a day before they married, there is a lot about each other that they don’t know. It is entirely possible that they married a stranger who is not who they thought they were. As time moves on, tension will develop between them, and since divorce was not possible back then, Romeo...
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