Romeo and Juliet Explain How You Would Direct a Section of Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet for a Modern Audience. in Your Answer You Should Focus on How Juliet Would Be Presented in This Scene and How the Scene Would Be Acted?

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Romeo and Juliet
Explain how you would direct a section of Act 3 scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet for a modern audience. In your answer you should focus on how Juliet would be presented in this scene and how the scene would be acted?

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play, which embodies the true spirit of love and destiny. The play shows fate, premonition, violence and vengeance while two lovers pine for each other. It shows how love can be over powering which would supersede all other values and loyalties. Lovers are forced to dissent their entire social world, e.g. when Romeo leaves his friends to see Juliet and when Juliet says that she may no longer be a Capulet. It highlights how some traditional families can enforce their traditions on their children, as the future develops so does the minds of young people, they feel more entitled to their own opinion and this could however get in the way of the family’s claim and create difficulties between parents and children [parents not understanding and children disobeying]. This play also highlights how women are portrayed to not be equal -Juliet being dominated and controlled by her possessive father, and when Mrs Capulet agrees to what ever Mr Capulet says. The play’s main ideas are relevant to today, as in many parts of the world arranged marriages can still be an issue with children, as society is changing their independence is too. Many of the situations which are shown in the play, the audience can relate to; as most have been involved in similar situations [forced arranged marriages, being involved in an infuriating and difficult argument etc]. Seeing how the characters in the play dealt with the issue can somewhat help the audience to understand and learn from visual experience. Majority of people would say they have fallen in ‘love’ at least once in their life, people have always been in a situation where their parents have played a big role in their life in making a life changing decision, -this however could not have been compromised both parents and child/children. Family pride and prestige can play a big part in your life in making decisions [who to marry, who to associate with, what not to do and what to do etc].

I would set my play in China, the reason being; it is an important tradition in a royal family to make sure that; the prince/princess marries into a prestigious and preferably a royal family too: to uphold the family’s legacy and name. For example, when a princess marries into another royal family, the objective of this is to form an alliance with another country or region. This would allow the family to remain influential; this is similar to how the Capulets’ were enforcing their daughter, Juliet to marry Paris. We could tell that it was common for daughters to be engaged at such a young age [arranged marriage], when Lady Capulet says “Well, think of marriage now; younger than you” which implied that it was customary to get married young, and she felt shocked by the negative response her daughter gave, taken back by this, Lady Capulet instructs Juliet of what she will do, never the less the circumstances [not wanting to]. Lady Capulet was shocked by her answer, as she did not expect her to speak with a sense of justice and audacity to go against her and her father’s wishes. This shows that society was changing, giving children the confidence to speak out and be more independent. However, this was not always a good change, as the older generation [parents] are not familiar with the new attitudes and behaviour. In a traditional and ancient Chinese Royal family it included violence, honour and pride. In China, it was common for men to show their pride through fighting [constant fights between Tybalt and Romeo/Mercutio], and punishments were to its extreme if one did not follow traditions or rules. This relates to when Romeo was banished by the prince for killing Tybalt “And for that offence immediately we do exile him hence”, this punishment was not as...
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