Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast to Pyramus and Thisbe

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Star-crossed, A Midsummer Night's Dream Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: May 6, 2012
The stories of Romeo and Juliet and Pyramus and Thisbe both talk of young lovers willing to be together no matter what the consequences may be. The love between the two couples was so strong that they were would die for their lovers. Although, the sequence of events that lead to the tragic endings of these stories have their differences as well. Ovid's story of Pyramus and Thisbe came out a little before Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Many believe because of the similarities in plot, Shakespeare's sources or influences for his story could have came from 'Pyramus and Thisbe'. In the stories, there are many similarities as there are differences. Star crossed lovers is a phrase we would use to describe both of the couples; A pair of lovers whose relationship is constantly threatened by outside forces. In both of the stories, the couples have to deal with the fact that their parents have their issues and would refuse to let them be together. However, that wasn't enough to make the lovers discontinue the relations they had. Another similarity that came across were the endings in a tomb. Romeo and Juliet ended in the Capulet's crypt. Somewhat like that, Pyramus and Thisbe ended in the tomb of Ninus. To me, this seems as if both author's of the stories were foreshadowing the deaths that would take place. When I read both of the stories, I almost knew the death of the couples was going to happen. The way Romeo and Juliet's deaths took place is almost exactly alike. In Shakespeare's story, Juliet drinks a poison to make her appear dead. When Romeo finds out Juliet is "dead", he buys poison, drinks it at her tomb, and dies. Juliet wakes up to find her lover dead, so she took his dagger and stabbed herself in the chest. Ovid's story says Pyramus found Thisbe's bloody cloak and assumed she was dead so he killed himself. Thisbe was in fact not dead and saw the body of her dead lover so in the end she killed herself. Now the...
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