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Three Citizens Found Dead on Holy Ground

This Saturday night, three individuals have been found dead in the tomb of the Capulet’s.

The corpses have been identified by the police as Romeo Montague, Juliet Capulet and Count Paris.

“I thought Juliet was already lying dead in her tomb”, stated a confused friend of the Capulet’s.

Many believed this, but when Friar Lawrence got called in for questioning, they realized that this was not the case. Romeo and Juliet had gotten married a few days before. When her parents forced her to marry Count Paris, she came to Friar Lawrence for help. He gave her a potion that would fake her death, so then a day later she’d wake up and be able to run away with her beloved Romeo.

“I didn’t know that Romeo never got the letter. When I heard that the post offices were closed, I tried to send it again but it was too late. If Romeo never had gotten banished from the city because of killing Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, none of this would have ever happened”, said Friar Lawrence on failing to inform Romeo on what was happening.

When Romeo heard about his wife’s death from an unknown friend, he went to seek help from the apothecary. The police had also called him in for questioning and the apothecary explained that Romeo wanted to buy deadly poison from him. At first he refused to sell it because of Mantua’s law but Romeo had been so desperate and was willing to pay a lot more money than the usual price.

Guards stated that they saw Romeo walk into the tomb, while Count Paris was still inside. A car was waiting for Paris to return, but he never did. His driver went to check on him at 11:30pm, the same day. He found him lying in his own blood with a stab wound in his stomach. The police believe that Paris was an innocent victim that had gotten in Romeo’s way of committing suicide next to Juliet. The driver had immediately called an ambulance. When they arrived, Juliet and Romeo were found dead as well. There were no...
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