Romeo and Juliet and Family Member

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: January 30, 2007

Who is Benvolio an enemy or a friend? Well he is a cousin of Romeo and an enemy of Tybalt. Benvolio tries to be a peacemaker and a counselor to his friends and an enemy of the Capulets. Benvolio is a family member of the Montagues. The three character traits that will be explained are going to be an enemy, a peacemaker and a counselor.

Why is Benvolio an enemy of Tybalt? Because Benvolio is a family member of the Montagues. " Why? What makes Tybalt so special? Who is he?"(2.4.91). Benvolio wonders why Tybalt is so special, Tybalt is not just another Capulet, he is a cousin of Juliet. Benvolio has always's been an enemy of the Capulets. "That's Tybalt there lying dead on the ground"(3.1.123). After the death of Tybalt, Benvolio was telling Romeo to leave before the prince arrived. As a result in the play Benvolio is a true enemy of Tybalt.

Benvolio was always's trying to be the peacemaker in life or death situations. "Why are you still here"(3.1.121). In this situation Benvolio the peacemaker, telling Romeo to leave the scene of Tybalt's death. Why should Romeo still be there? He tried to be the peacemaker but as a result it ended up in the death's of Tybalt and Mercutio. Additionally Benvolio tried to be the Peacemaker in trying to stop Mercutio's death. As a result Benvolio's peacemaking ended up in two death's.

What is counselor? Is it someone who helps people or someone who teaches people. Well it looks like Benvolio is a counselor. " Do you realize we are in public? You two should either go someplace private and get your complaints out in the open or just leave. Everyone is looking at us here."(3.1.115). Benvolio trying to be the counselor. Additionally Benvolio is always trying to be the counselor. As a result Benvolio is a counselor of Romeo and his friends.

In conclusion Benvolio is really an enemy of Tybalt. Is he a peacemaker or a...
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