Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: February 17, 2014
Mysteries of The Heart
The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines infatuated as "to inspire with a foolish or extravagant love or admiration." One of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, Romeo and Juliet, centers upon this controversial topic of infatuation and love at first sight. This timeless play, considered a classic, manages to possess a modern tone and causes the audience to formulate many opinions surrounding the topic of Romeo and Juliet's love. Despite the challenges modern readers face interpreting Shakespearean language, the plays legacy remains current, cutting edge, and relevant throughout generations. Romeo and Juliet is presented as a love story, but portions of the text suggest the play is truly a tale of infatuation and sexual desire that leads to teenage rebellion. Romeo Montague, the tragic hero, is first introduced by Shakespeare as a heartbroken young boy with no will to live. Romeo turns suicidal when his crush, Rosaline, does not reciprocate his love. This is ironic because the play is called Romeo and Juliet, so all this pain can only be assumed to be from Juliet's actions, not Rosaline’s, Romeo’s companions attempt to motivate him to get over Rosaline by telling him there are plenty of available women out there. At this point Romeo is so heartbroken his life is in jeopardy and he is threatening suicide. He enters the Capulet’s party professing his undying love towards Rosaline. "I'll go to the party, but just to see fair Rosaline- the only one for me." (Shakespeare I. iii. 10). It is no secret to Verona that Romeo is a hopeless romantic. His own clique mocks the fact that Romeo goes from girl to girl declaring his love for them. Romeo overhears them mocking his actions and past infatuations while sneaking back into the Capulet’s home to meet his “newest true love". Juliet he says, "Mercutio laughs at love's scars, but he never felt a wound." (Shakespeare II. ii. 23). As he begins to romance with Juliet it is clear he has “been here before”....
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