Romeo and Juliet

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Sandra Cisneros is a Mexican-American writer and poet. She uses many themes in her writing that reflect her style and life experiences such as coming of age and many more. Her unique and distinct writing styles include: vignettes, bilingualism, lack of a narrator, textual fragments, perspective switching and much more.

Sandra Cisneros uses bilingualism in her writing. She often uses Spanish words instead of English words, or English words for Spanish words, sometimes a combination of both. She often uses Spanish words but does not translate them; she makes the definition able to be inferred by reading them in the context of which they are used. For example, in the book “Woman Hollering Creek, Sandra writes: "And at the next full moon, I gave light, Tía Chucha holding up our handsome, strong-lunged boy”. Previous sentences tell the reader that a baby is being born, but only a Spanish speaker will notice that "I gave light" is a literal translation of the Spanish "di la luz" which means "I gave birth."

Sandra Cisneros uses textual fragments in her poetry and writing as well. She uses this distinct technique throughout her writing to show overheard conversations or thoughts occurring in the speakers mind. This technique brings a realistic feeling to her poetry and writing because it allows to reader to gain knowledge of the surrounding in the poem or stories plot. Sandra uses this technique in "Little Miracles, Kept Promises". This writing is notes to self from the speaker asking for the blessings of patron saints. In the writing "The Marlboro Man", textual fragment is used to show a gossiping telephone conversation between two female characters. Sandra Cisneros also uses textual fragments in her book of conjoined poems “The House on Mango Street”. These fragments are grouped together loosely to show thought process.

Sandra Cisneros uses vignette in her famous poetry novel “The House on Mango Street”. Vignettes are used in poetry and writing to create a...
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