Romeo and Juliet

Topics: Sentence, Word, Rhetoric Pages: 3 (373 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Paragraph #1 (Introduction)

Sentence #1 – Attention Getter – A General Statement about the topic that should get the reader’s interest. You may want to save this until after you have gotten your factual information below.


Sentence #2 – Thesis Statement – This briefly tells exactly what the paper is going to be about.

Sentence #3 – Statement of Development – This briefly lists the THREE MAIN IDEAS that will make up the body of the paper. Each idea will make up a paragraph, so make sure you will be able to write at least four sentences about each one. FIRST MAIN IDEA - _________________________________________

SECOND MAIN IDEA - _______________________________________

THIRD MAIN IDEA - _________________________________________

SENTENCE USING ALL THREE:________________________________


Sentence #4 – Transition Sentence – This briefly introduces the first main idea._____________________________________________________

Paragraph 2

Sentence #1 – Topic Sentence about 1st main idea that relates to thesis. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Sentence #2 –Quote from book that relates to 1st main idea and thesis statement with phrase introducing quote. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Sentences #3-4 – Two sentence analysis of quote about 1st main idea that relates to thesis. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Sentence #5 – Transition Sentence – Briefly introduce the 2nd main idea by tying in with the 1st...
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