Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Romeo and Juliet, Love, William Shakespeare, Romance / Pages: 7 (1654 words) / Published: Jun 29th, 2013
Forbidden, Possessive, All consuming, Just a multitude of techniques Robert Browning and Shakespeare presents each of their characters relationships, during Porphyria’s lover and Romeo & Juliet; with one being a poet and the other a play writer, they both display two star crossed lovers who will each defy against everything they know to be with one another.
One theme that went again everything they knew was Romeo &Juliet’s defying nature against their families and tradition. During Romeo & Juliet both of their family’s disapproved of their relationship, for one main reason both characters belonged to two different rival groups, Capulet and Montague, which supported why there love could never be. Another reason to support that there relationship was against their families and tradition was presented through Juliet’s father when he saw her rebel against him as she expressed her lover for Romeo, but through her father’s eyes her relationship was against his wishes and was not following normal tradition of when the dad found a suitable air for his daughter to marry. “Hang thee, young baggage.” – taken from when Juliet rebelled against her father’s wishes, suggesting that her relationship was against his wishes and that Romeo was just “Young baggage” weighing her down in comparison to Paris, who he felt could offer her and her family something more valuable than Romeo, which presents that Romeo & Juliet’s relationship was again seen as against their families wishes and defied tradition all together.
In comparison to Romeo & Juliet, Porphyria’s lover also display’s another disapproving family and a couple defying against tradition;
“Murmuring how she loved me - she Too weak, for all her heart’s endeavour, To set its struggling passion free

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