Rome Was Not Built in a Day

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Posted by essays and articles on December 26, 2010 in FAMOUS SAYINGS • 0 Comment There were things in the world which take a considerably long time to mature. It is the nature of a task that determines the length of time it would take to be accomplished. Some people are in the habit of getting impatient, when a task takes a little too long to complete. They do not understand or rather coyeniently forget the nature of the task and start losing heart. This idiom is used to tell the impatient people that great things are not done or accomplished overnight. Such things require long time, patience and continuous effort.

Rome is the name of a city in Italy. At one time it was the capital of the Roman Empire. It was the citadel of the Roman Catholic Church. It was Roman Emperor Augusta’s who is consi¬dered to be the real builder of Rome. Rome consisted of only a few hamlets when Augustus came to the throne. It took about 40 years for him to transform the face of Rome into a metropolis, adorned with beautiful mansions, theatres, temples, public baths and many other public buildings. It took a long time for this city to develop into a grand city of the world. In the same way every important task takes some time to be completed. There are two aspects of the matter. First, all big or important things take time to be accomplish¬ed. Secondly, one should never grow impatient if some work takes a long time. What is required is perseverance and not haste. A close look at the maxim will make it evident that the word ‘Rome’ represents a great or noble or a monumental task. And the words ‘in a day’ indicate the span of time. The position is now very clear that monumental or great things cannot be done in haste, they require not one day but a long period of time. It is an advice to those who after having put in a little work or labor want excellent result immediately. They would be committing a mistake by doing so. It is again a lesson for those who...
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