Rome Essay

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Rome Essay

In 753 B.C. the Roman republic was founded, and 1229 years later the republic fell in A.D. 476. The Roman civilization is now parts of Africa and Europe. Through using the Representative Democracy, a Legislative branch, and a Judicial branch are attributes that Rome passed to the United States of America.

Rome influenced the United States through citizenship, the right to vote and a Representative Democracy. First, in Rome around “509B.C. Tarquin the Proud was banished”(World History 142) thus established a Republic. Most of the power rests with the citizens who vote and elect leaders. Tribunes were elected as Representatives. In the United States power rests with citizens who elect representatives to make decisions in the Congress. People in the United States have an influenced vote, yet more educated people get a larger say in what goes on in our government. Second, in Rome voting was a big part of the citizens life, for citizens pretty much voted on everything. Educated or not, citizens were expected to vote. In the United States, citizens still vote, but it is rather more of an influenced vote than a definite yes or no. Educated people usually decide the fate for our country rather than just plain normal citizens. Third, in Rome, “citizenship was only granted to free-born males”(142). In the United States citizenships are granted whether you are foreign or you were born in the U.S. and it did

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not matter if you were a male or female.
Rome also influenced the United States using the Senate, the Tribal Assemble, and a bicameral in a Legislative branch. First in Rome, the Senate is an aristocratic branch of Romans government. By tradition, there were three hundred members. After a while, plebeians were allowed in the senate. “Plebeians are people who made up most of the population and were common farmers, merchants, and artisans”(142). People of the Rome senate were chosen for life. The senate advises consuls and...
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