Romantic Prose
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Romantic prose
Romantic poetry seems to have exercised an equal and similar but not exactly identical transforming power upon verse and close. Essays and literary criticism and philosophical treatises and historical writings are found bear that new sprit. Of course, essay writing is not an invention of romantic age. It is originated in the hands of Francis bacon in the Elizabethan age. A familiar essay contains much of the personal self of the essayist who is quit secretive and confidential to his readers and tells them about his life and experience and mild. By the side of this essays there is sink the growth a potential critical literature, better known as literary criticism led by Hazlitt and Lamb. The advancement of the literary criticism of that time was found specifically in different magazines and journals. Some of the journals were found to enrich with the writings of eminent prose masters like De Quincy, Hunt, Hazlitt and Lamb. De Quincy
De Quincy wrote a large amount of prose. Most of it is a fair proportion of good quality and a small amount is of highest merit, among his literary pursuit he wrote only two books “Klosterheim” and “Logic of political economy”. The work which is chaotic in its general plan is a series of vision that melt away in the manner of dreams. The reminder of his work is a mass of miscellaneous production, the best of which are “English Mail Coach”, “Suspiria D Profoundis”, “On Murder Considered as one of the Find Arts”. His other celebrated work is “Reminiscences of the English Lake poets”.
All these works exhibit the eloquence of his prose style. A great part of his work is dreary and diffuse and vitiated by a humor that is extremely and ineffective. His prose attains a lyrical and sonorous and melodious eloquence, the equal of which is not to be found elsewhere. In style he is not apt to stumble into vulgarity and cowardliness but when inspiration descends upon him he gives the English tongue a wonderful strength and

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