Romantic Poetry Characteristics

Topics: Romanticism, William Wordsworth, John Keats Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Romantic Poetry Characteristics
Romantic poetry gives more importance to passionate display of emotions. The study of the romantic poetry characteristics, throws light on the different features being incorporated. Have a look...

Romanticism in poetry arose in response to the enlightenment ideals that prevailed in the 18th century. This form of poetry emphasizes on emotions rather than reason. William Wordsworth strengthened the movement of romanticism in poetry to a great extent. Ironically, his verses incorporated a language that was more colloquial than poetic. The Romantic Movement began somewhere around the end of the 18th century, and instantly struck a chord with poets and readers across the globe. Growing interest in folklore was one of the early signs of romantic poetry becoming popular. Some of the important romantic poetry characteristics are passionate display of emotion, interest in the supernatural, idealism, and affinity towards nature.

Characteristics of Romantic Poetry

There are many angles and point-of-views from which one can study romantic poetry. The most of important characteristic of this form of poetry is imagination. The different characteristics of romantic poetry are elaborated on in the article below.

In the words of William Wordsworth, 'poetry is the first and last of all knowledge'. The phenomenon of imagination is the essence or core of romantic poetry. According to romantic poets, it is possible to attain a transcendental experience by means of imagination. It takes us near to the spiritual truth.

when it comes to romantic poetry, reason and logic take a backseat. The one thing which rules the world of romanticism is emotion. Romantic poetry is one of the best means to let loose one's emotions through words. The overflow of emotions depicted through romantic poetry transcends the boundaries of logical reasoning. Spontaneity in romantic poetry arises from an emotional outflow, and sometimes pain...
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