Romantic Period

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Romantic Period (1820-1900)

Characteristic of Music
-it is a manifestation of one’s feelings
-it is an expression of emotion
-among the different periods of civilization, Baroque, Renaissance, it was during the Romantic period wherein the expression of feelings was clearly emphasized thru music.

-is a movement which means intense emotional manifestation, imagination and individualism -it allows free expression of feelings
-artists were given to show their inner ideas and beliefs towards a particular subject -emotional subjectivity is the basic quality of romanticism in the arts - Romantic art gives more importance on nature because nature influenced the emotional of an individual

The period of Romanticism goes together with the period of Industrial Revolution. * It is not only the royalness or the ruling class who had the chance to expose their abilities but also the working class. * This period gave the chance to the working class and the poor to improve and generate a sense of participation in the arts, specifically in music.

During the Romantic Period:
* The emphasis of music is on the tone color, dynamics and pitch * The color and unstable chords were also stressed
* Romantic music and arts are related especially literature * Literature puts the emotions into writing
* Emotions are set and manifested thru the melodies, rhythm and words. * Introduction of the program of music in which events or scenes are portrayed by the instruments. * The size of the orchestra is bigger than the classical type

The Art Song
* A musical composition for solo voice and piano
* The accompaniment in the art song serves as the voice as the interpretative partner and it plays as an integral part in the composition

Two Forms of Art Song

1. Strophic Form
- a song form which uses the same music for stanza of the poem - it is always used in folk songs

2. Through-Composed Form
- composers write new music for each stanza
-it follows the thought of the poem

The Song Cycle
* It is unified by a story line that runs through the poem or by musical ideas linking the songs.

The Orchestra
* It began to expand in size giving the composers a great variety of sounds * The orchestra grew and the instruments continued to improve and develop more. * It gives a sound which fills a large concert hall with a full and majestic sound.

The Piano
* It has been given the great development and improved because many great compositions were done for the piano-solo.

Techniques in Piano

1. Etude
- is an exercise designed to train a musician both technically and musically - it is being performed for artistic purposes
Musical composition for solo performances

2. Nocturne
- is a sweet and intimate music composition for piano solo
- it is slow and lyrical
- it is filled with poetic and sentimental mood which was originally an orchestral music in the classic time

3. Prelude
- short piece intended for the piano
It is a musical introduction to a musical play or composition and sometimes it becomes independent

Program Music
* A type of music which tells a story
* An instrumental music of a narrative or descriptive kind * It was introduced by Franz Liszt

Four Main Forms of Orchestral Program Music

1. Program Symphony
- it consists of compositions for the orchestra that narrates a story - elements in nature(wind, rain, water, sea and sceneriesin the air and land) are focused of this compositions
Ex. Romeo and Juliet

2. Concert Overture
- it is a sonata form with one movement
It has one movement which is actually patterned from the opera overture which eventually develops into open mood

3. Symphonic Poem or Tone Poem
- it is one movement orchestra composition that creates poetic idea, makes a mood and develops a scene. - it is flexible

4. Incidental Music
- the mood of this composition is set for a specific scene
- it is...
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