Romantic Ideas in William Wordsworth’s Poetry

Topics: William Wordsworth, Poetry, The Prelude Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: August 27, 2013
How are Romantic Ideas demonstrated in William Wordsworth’s poetry? Romantic Ideas of nature, solitary and disgust for developed cities are demonstrated in William Wordsworth’s poems Tintern Abbey, The Prelude and The Solitary Reaper. All these poems use a wide range of literary techniques to explore Romantic Ideology. Firstly, in the poem Tintern Abbey, the alliterative repetition of “These hedgerows, hardly hedgerows” emphasises the poets love for nature. This quote is used to demonstrate the romantic idea of nature. The personified line “Nature never did betray” explains how nature will never leave him in loneliness. This is used to show solitary. The simile used in the quote “The sounding cataract haunted me like a passion” suggests the sounds from man-made equipment are disturbing him. This is used to demonstrate the romantic ideology of disgust for developed cities. Therefore, romantic ideology is used to show nature, solitary and disgust for non- living. Secondly, the poem The Prelude uses a rhetorical question in the quote “In which ye stood alone?” This is used to demonstrate the idea of loneliness which was revered by romantic ideology. The personified simile “... Silent as the turf” highlights and shows the ideology for his love nature. The personified line “There hung a darkness, call it solitude” also is used to demonstrate solitude. As such, nature and solitary is used to show romantic ideology. Finally, the poem The Solitary Reaper, explores through the personified line “breaking the silence of the seas”, which emphasises the solitary situation. The poet uses assonance in “some sorrow, loss and pain” to highlight the joys of nature when one is alone. Imagery is used in “I listened motionless and still” to show that nature can be seen and heard when in a state of loneliness. Both ideas of nature and solitary are shown in this quote. Hence romantic ideas are demonstrated in the poem The Solitary Reaper, to demonstrate loneliness and nature. In...
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