Romanesque Art

Topics: Gothic architecture, Romanesque architecture, Arch Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: March 5, 2006
There were many new ideas and techniques used in the Romanesque style of architecture. The great advancement that the Romanesque period had on architecture was the development of stone vaulted buildings. Stone vaulting was needed to replace the wooden vaulting previously used, which were highly flammable. The most frequently used vault was the barrel vault, which are a series of round arches that are placed one after the other. Barrel vaults were also used to form what is known as a groin vault (when two barrel vaults were crossed with each other). Also during the Romanesque period domes were widely being used. Domes were formed by taking numerous round arches and placing them on different axes but with the same apex. To support vaults and domes, the walls were made very thick and had buttresses which helped to bear the weight of the heavy stones. The massive stones that were used to construct buildings during the Romanesque period were another characteristic of this style of architecture. Due to the massive stone vaults, walls, and piers, most of the buildings/structures were also composed of many small units called bays that helped to complete the design. Many bays placed in a long row down the center of a building/structure is known as a nave. The naves during the Romanesque period were much higher and narrower than of any other periods before it. The high and narrow naves allowed for larger clerestory windows, but they were still relatively small and did not contain glass. Most of the doors and windows of were capped with round arches. Right after the Romanesque period came the Gothic period. The greatest element that came from the Gothic period was the ribbed vault. The buildings/structures that were built during the Gothic period were made of stones and because the stones were heavy, the building could only be constructed so high. The development of the pointed arch and ribbed vault, however, allowed for the buildings to be built even higher....
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