Romance Conventions

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Conventions in movies

Romance movies are often combined with other genres in order to invite a larger set of audience. The most common combination is romantic comedies, which are also known as chick flicks. Romance films are usually aimed at the female audience, however combining this genre with comedy allows some male interest, meaning a larger amount of viewing and a higher profit for the producers.

Setting is the most important convention in romantic comedies. It can be the way of conveying the character intentions as well as their personalities and occasionally hinting the upcoming events. The setting allows the potential audience to connect and engage in the film, understand the way characters feel and predict whether positive or negative things will be happening. The film ‘No strings attached’ is set in Los Angeles, the typical location of most films of this type. However, the purpose of this film being basted in Los Angeles is to present the location as the land of immorality, where people do anything they feel like doing and nobody is ever serious in relationships.

Another very important convention in films is music and soundtracks. We find that in many romance films, at least one heartbreak occurs. Music is the main supporting factor, which allows the audience to feel the devastation, which the character is going through. The film ‘500 days of summer’ uses music exceptionally well to express and portray the heartache that the character is going through. A song with the following lyrics; "And we're trying to be faithful, but we're cheating, cheating, cheating" is played which evidently symbolises a breakdown in a relationship and talks about a person who has given up conforming and wants to be alone.

Characters are another convention, which can influence media texts. They allow the audience to recognise a genre of a specific movie just by looking at the cover or reading the character list. Many actors play a role in specific genre types...
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