Roman Women

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An average roman housewife normally left her home only to go shopping, to go to the baths, or, if she want to go visit her friends and relatives.

A women did count as someone in politics. She could not vote or be a witness in court. Divorce was in the early part of the empire impossible, even if her husband dated other women. Children legally belonged to their father even after divorce. Roman foods

Romans ate beef rarely. It was a mark of luxury and was eaten only on special occasions. When a cow had been sacrificed to the gods, the heart, liver and lungs would be given to the priest with certain portions burned on the altar. Wine was usually diluted with more water than wine. To drink undiluted wine was considered un-civilized by the Romans. Jentaculum | breakfast|

Cena| Lunch|
Vesperna| dinner|

If you were rich, you could eat beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, dormice, and snails. If you were poor you ate mostly the medditerean traid with vegetables like lentils, cucumbers, lettuce. Fruit like apples, figs, nuts, and sometimes cheese and eggs.

Most of the roman gods and goddesses were a blend of several religious influences. The gods of the roman pantheon began taking on the forms known today during the dynasty of the Etruscan kings in the 6th century B.C. these gods Jupiter (Zeus) Juno (Hera) and Minera (Athena) were worshipped at the grand temple on the Capitoline hill. The Romans worshipped their gods in a temple. They made sacrifices of animals and precious items to their gods. They believed that when their emperor died he became a god and sacrifice was also made to the emperor. The Romans believed that if they appeased their gods and goddesses the divinities would help them by blessing the crops to make them fertile or by watching over their family to keep them safe.
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