Roman Impact On Modern World

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Dawson Ellington

Oct. 7,2013

The early bronze age or iron age civilization of people that has had the greatest impact upon the modern world in my opinion was the Ancient Romans. We have similar characteristics to them and Ancient
Rome is where most of our ideas of government,literature, and entertainment came from. We are similar in government because we basically have a modernized version of their government. The Ancient Romans started the first republic. They had a senate(a main governing body;made laws,treaties,government policies, and declared war).There were 300 senators that served life terms.They had Praetors(judges appointed by assembly), and they also had Consuls.(2 leaders who headed the Roman government.They only served 1 year terms and only one term per life). Our government is a Democratic Republic. We have a Congress.(the
House of Representatives and the Senate).This is our Legislative branch. We also have our President who enforces the laws.This is our Executive branch. Last but not least is our Judicial branch which interprets the law(judges). As you can see we took their ideas and made them ours. They have Senate, we have Congress.
They have Consuls,we have a president. They have Praetors,we have judges.
Another way the Romans had an impact on us is with their entertainment. They had gladiatorial games and theatre in the Colosseum and other forms of entertainment there. These games were violent and many people liked them for that reason. In today’s modern world we have games such as football and wrestling or other sports that we enjoy for the same reasons as they do. We like to see people get hit hard and nail-biting moments that can win a game. I am glad that the Romans started their games because if not, we wouldn’t have some of the fun games we have today.
Another similarity we have to Romans is our alphabet. Our alphabet has a long line of passing down from civilization to civilization but with each civilization switching it up a bit.

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