Roman Facts and Myths

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Claudius Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Roman myths
* Myth | Vomitoria/Vomitorium - A very interesting myth about the Romans is that they would feast until they were full, then visit a room called a vomitorium to “vomit” the food out so they could start over again. This is false, the vomitoria were actually passages that enabled people to move quickly to and from their seats in an amphitheatre. * Myth | Poor Plebeians - All plebeians in ancient Rome were poor and dirty. This is not true, ‘Plebeian’ was actually just the name given to the general populace of Rome, Plebeians could often become very wealthy but that wouldn't change their title to a Patrician. * Myth | Thumbs up/Thumbs down - In a gladiatorial match thumbs up meant he lived and thumbs down meant he would get killed. This isn't entirely true, there have been many recorded hand signs however the most common is the hand out flat, palm down, to let him live and a clenched fist to execute him. * Myth | Manly Gladiatorial battles - Only men could be gladiators and fight in gladiatorial battles, this is not true, although in the ways of titles a female couldn’t be a gladiator, she would be called a ‘Gladiatrix’ (‘Gladiatrices’ for multiple). * Fact | Outrageous Emperors - The emperor Gaius Caligula (ruled from 37AD - 41AD) took his horse into the Senate and tried to have it appointed senator! * Fact | The dumping grounds - Romans would transport wet goods like wine or oil using pottery jars called Amphorae, these amphorae were the equivalent of a soft drink bottle today as they were not seal on the inside. In an Roman dock area there is a hill in 34m high and 1km in circumference made of more then 50,000,000 broken amphorae.
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