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Roman Empire vs Hun Dynasty in China

By SeneragkC Dec 12, 2014 844 Words
Compare and contrast the Roman Empire from The Han Dynasty of China In history, there existed strong empires that were very powerful and lasted for many centuries. These empires were able to conquer, defeat and rule over many other empires. They had strong and organized armies that could not be taken down which ensured their long survival in such an era in the world where only the strongest survived. Their stability on the other hand brought about advanced in discoveries and many areas such as education, architecture, medicine and even culture. These achievements made a great impact to the whole world up to date and therefore a great legacy was left behind. Amongst such great ancient empires included the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty in China. These were very great empires whose great impacts are still in operation even to this date. However every strong empire has their own weakness which always leads to their decline and finally their fall. The Roman Empire existed between 625BC and AD 476, nearly over 1100 years. The Han Dynasty on the hand existed between 206BC and 220 AD. The simple fact that these empires stood for a very long time is an achievement itself. Even the most powerful country in the world today, the United States of America, is only 256 years old, which is much younger than these two empires. There are however many more achievements, for instance, the Roman Legions were the most powerful army in that time. The Romans had great architects who build cities like Londinium which is the current capital city of the United Kingdom, London. They also build temples, churches and roads which are still in operation even to date. Many of the worlds languages today originated from the Latin language which the language of the Ancient Roman empire. It should be noted that the alphabet was discovered during the Ancient Roman time and therefore it’s another attribute to their achievements. By 451 BC the Romans had already founded the rules that governed the contact of each person in the society and by AD 529 the laws had already been codified into what was then known as the Justinian Code, which is the basis of many legal aspects in the modern western world. On the other hand, The Han Dynasty of China survived the longest period in the history of the East. It served for a very long time as the role model to all the subsequent Dynasties for unity and prosperity. There are other great achievements including the invention of wheelbarrows and pulleys which eased the movement of goods and are still great invention up to this day. It was during this period that the process of manufacturing sheets of paper from tree trunks was invented. However the [papers were not used for writting but for rapping fish. Its however still an important achievement that was made. It was the work of diplomatic missions sent from the Han Dynasty to various rulers in central Asia that led to the open of the Mediterranean route that later saw civilization and the globalization of the entire world. The fall of the Roman Empire, as explained the Historian Gibbon, was due to laxity on its citizens and soldiers to defend its empire in times of war. This is also attributed to Christianity which Gibbon believes weakened the faith of the citizens to their ruling emperors in believe of a better life after death. Citizens believed and worked for barbarians who later brought the fall of the great Roman Empire. In the contrast, the Han Dynasty of china fall due to lack of an Heir since during the last days, emperor after emperor died without a heir or leaving a young heir who at times were infants. War lords took advantage of this situation after it worsened with the uprising of the yellow Turban Rebellion that was against the government. In 220CE, warlord Dong Zhou killed all the Yellow Turban Rebellion and captured the Royal family. This was the end of the Mighty Han Dynasty. Great things do not go without leaving a legacy behind; this was so with these two great empires. The Roman Empire left behind great legacy in many aspects of life including language, Religion, Roman law, Great architectures and many other technological inventions especially in agriculture and Engineering. The Han Dynasty is remembered for its histographic work of antiquity. They gave rose to the ideology of Confucianism after the work of Confucius, the great philosopher. Confucius Idea was spread everywhere in the East and even today the Chinese people refer to themselves as the Han people, a great simple that the Dynasty still lives t this date. In conclusion, these two powerful empires lived for many centuries with their fall coming only to live a great legacy that changed the face of the entire world, from civilization to culture, technology and even religion. Our entire world at this time is as a result of the rule of these two great empires that just died to live again, but this time forever within the people.

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