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Roman Empire and Han Dynasty

By RosaNicte Aug 27, 2010 531 Words
Throughout history there have been many vast empires. No two are greater than the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty. In this paper you will read the and become familiar with some of the differences and similarities between these two.

The Roman Empire was located around the Mediterranean. It had much greater connections to others than the Han dynasty did. Roman religion was Christianity. Their emperor was known to be the god. Christianity had many famous philosophers. Having their Christian religion made the Roman become very popular, therefore their population was an increasing number. Religion wasn’t the only increase to the population; trade with other territories was a plus. The Roman had more of an advantage than the Han did due to their location. They were closer to others & were therefore able to have more connection to them. The Roman bureaucracy was founded on Roman law and classical learning. Their emphasis on families was Pater familias, which is the head of the household most likely being the father of the family. Romans were able to accomplished some great things, some of them being; the aqueducts; which was a pipe used for transportation of water, a amphitheaters; also known as an arena, domes; being roofs, and a sewage system. The decline of the Roman Empire occurred for not just only one reason but had quite a few. One was having internal opposition of the barrack emperors. Another being that they had a hard time when they tried administering vast empire and resulting with rivalries and the division of authorities. A third effect to the decline was the Germanic invasion by vandals, ostrogoths, and visigoins.

Located in most all of China was the Han dynasty. As you can see compared to the location of the Roman Empire the Han didn’t have the greatest location for trade. The Han didn’t have one set religion to practice, they practices Confucianism, Buddhism, & Daoism. Their god(s) were native. Hans’s bureaucracy was based upon Confucian ideas. The emphasis on family for the Han was ancestor patriarchal which was the same as the Romans. Their reliance was on landed gentry. The Chinese were able to accomplish building canals, & the Great Wall. The decline of the Han dynasty was caused due to inequitable distribution of land tax burden rather than on large landowners. Also the in 220 c.e generals divided the empire into three separate kingdoms. The emigration of nomadic people kept everyone separate from one another having little communication. The Han dynasty pushed itself toward Korea, Indochina, and Central Asia.

There’s no huge difference to the two. They were quite similar, both essentially started in the B.C time. Both had the same values towards respect, piety, duty, and honor. Later they had a decline in morals and values. The Roman and Han managed to build roads, spent much money on military, enforced peace, and had unemployment and inflation.

The Roman Empire and Han dynasty were like one another on starting their population and culture. The Roman might have had a better attempt at success since more time had passed and new ideas were out into the world.

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