Roman Empire and Abbasid...Idk.

Topics: Roman Empire, Decline of the Roman Empire, Roman army Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: October 26, 2008
Although the fall of the Roman Empire and the Abbasids differed greatly they both still declined due to internal and external factors, such as the government and economy failing, foreign invaders, and reasons caused by the people. Even though both empires suffered to causes that were similar, the two inevitably ended differently. The Roman Empires government suffered from political uncertainty and the moving of the capital. The Roman army steadily began to grow weak, while the population declined and the Roman Empire could no longer protect itself from nomadic invaders. On the other hand due to problems with political control and succession the rule and financial system of the Abbasid failed; focusing more on handling the slave revolts and assassination attempts, the military unsuccessfully defended itself from the Mogul invaders that later took over the empires capital Baghdad.

The internal factors of the government and economy played key roles in the decline of two empires. The political confusion of the Roman Empire caused a pattern of weak leaders and the army’s intervention with the selection of the next rulers contributed to the spiral down of the empire. Although the succession problem in the Abbasid Empire was different it still took place. The decision made by the Abbasid government, to create new capitals added additional expenses to the already weak funds of the empire that were previously caused by caliphs’ desire for building monuments and a life of luxury. This made the government demand more money from the people who eventually began to leave and abandon many villages and towns in the empire.

The military of the two empires evidently weren’t strong enough to protect the empires from invaders. In the Roman Empires case it became difficult to employ troops, and the need to pay them added to the already large amount of debt the empire was in. By the time the Germanic invasions began barely anyone resisted the attempts to take over on account...
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