Roman Emperor

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Roman emperor


Roman emperor
Emperor of the Roman Empire
Former Monarchy Imperial


Augustus First monarch Last monarch Augustus Theodosius I (Unified or Classical), Romulus Augustulus (Western), Constantine XI (Eastern) Imperator, Augustus, Caesar, Princeps, Dominus Noster, or Autokrator (depending on period)


Monarchy started 27 BC Monarchy ended AD 395 (Unified or Classical), AD 476 (Western), AD 1453 (Eastern)

Current pretender None

The Roman emperor was the ruler of the Roman State during the imperial period (starting at about 27 BC). The Romans had no single term for the office although at any given time, a given title was associated with the emperor. If a man was "proclaimed emperor" this normally meant he was proclaimed augustus, or (for generals) imperator (from which English emperor ultimately derives). Several other titles and offices were regularly accumulated by emperors, such as caesar, princeps senatus, consul and Pontifex Maximus. The power of emperors was generally based on the accumulation of powers from republican offices and the support of the army. Roman emperors refused to be considered "kings", instead claiming to be leaders of a republic, however nominal. The first emperor, Augustus, resolutely refused recognition as a monarch.[1] Although Augustus could claim that his power was authentically Republican, his successor, Tiberius, could not convincingly make the same claim.[2] Nonetheless, the Republican institutional framework (senate, consuls, magistracies etc.) was preserved until the very end of the Western Empire. By the time of Diocletian, emperors were openly "monarchs",[3] but the contrast with "kings" was maintained: Although the imperial succession was, de facto, generally hereditary, it was only hereditary if there was a suitable

Roman emperor candidate acceptable to the army and the bureaucracy[4] so the principle of automatic inheritance was not adopted. The Eastern (Byzantine) emperors

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