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Roman education

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Tommy Shi
World history
Mr. York
Does Roman education make their children have good qualities ?

The Roman education profile
Education was very important to the Ancient Romans. The rich people in Ancient Rome put a great deal of faith in education. While the poor in Ancient Rome did not receive a formal education, many still learned to read and write. They have two choices, have a tutor at home or go to school.

Kinds of education that Roman students had, and tires of their schooling Moral education:
Most important educators: Parents taught their children the skills necessary for living in the early republic, which included agricultural, domestic and military skills as well as the moral and civil responsibilities that would be expected from them as citizens.  Litterator

Rome as a republic or an empire never formally instituted a state-sponsored form of elementary education. It was typical for Roman children of wealthy families to receive their early education from private tutors. And there were some people would like to provide a place for those students. There was nothing stopping a litterator from setting up his own school, aside from his meager wages Grammar

At between nine and twelve years of age, boys from affluent families would leave their literature behind and take up study with a grammar, who honed his students' writing and speaking skills, versed them in the art of poetic analysis and taught them Greek if they did not yet know it. Rhetor:

such as geography, music, philosophy, literature, mythology and geometry.[9] These well-rounded studies gave Roman orators a more diverse education and helped prepare them for future debates.

A final level of education was philosophical study. The study of philosophy is distinctly Greek, but was undertaken by many Roman students.

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