Roman Contributions

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Byzantine Empire Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: July 23, 2012
• Rome's military conquests led directly to its cultural growth as a society, as the Romans benefited greatly from contact with such advanced cultures as the Greeks. The Romans did not invent and create most of their greatest discoveries, but they took the ideas of many of the cultures they conquered. They took these ideas and used their scholars to make them better and used all the inventions from other cultures to help create one great and huge empire.

Rome stimulated and prompts this society by the construction of the Via Egnatia and the installation of Roman merchants in the cities along the Via Egnatia. The Via Egnatia was a long road that crossed the Roman provinces of Illyricum, Macedonia, and Thrace. The Roman government brought, along with its roads and new government system that benefited both the Roman ruling class and the lower classes (1).

The improvement of the living conditions of the productive classes brought about an increase in the number artisans and craftspeople to the region. Stonemasons, miners, blacksmiths, etc. were employed in every kind of commercial activity and craft. This created a huge increase in trade and an economic boom that created a much better living conditions and leisure time (1).

• Romans contributed many things to the later civilizations. They made many technological advances that were used throughout civilizations even today. They began the industrial use of aqueducts that brought water to the cities of Rome from miles away. They got the ideas of aqueducts from the Estruscans, but they perfected it by making it timed and have to pay for your running water by the time that you use it. Just like many people do today (2).

The Romans took ideas from other cultures and spread these ideas throughout the Roman Empire. This made the human society in the Roman Empire more advanced by spreading the ideas of others throughout the empire. The citizens of the Roman Empire could think and get...
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