Roman Civilization

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At its height, the Roman Empire was the most powerful domain in the world. It was at its largest in the second century AD and it spread across three continents. This Empire had diverse languages and cultures. Nevertheless by the 3rd century A.D, Romans were on swift decline. This fast decline was caused by extreme changes in their civilization. The changes consisted of new leaders controlling the region, Rome becoming spilt up into two sections, and Christianity gaining all of religious control. There was very much a rapid downfall with many more changes as well, such as the spread of Roman law and trade .Many people say that decline is what made Rome so famous today.

Rome was found by Romulus and his brother Remus on the 21st of April 753B.C. Romulus was the first king of Rome. The Empire began to increase rapidly and conquered all the lands surrounding the Mediterranean ocean. The Romans were very much civilized people. Roman culture became dominant and widely known throughout Europe. However, the once vast empire began to experience problems. These included the death of Emperor Marcus Aurilieus, barbaric invasions and a weakened economy. The Roman Empire collapsed because of many contributing problems.

With the death of Marcus Aurelieus an emperor with the name Diocietian came to power. He introduced laws which forced farmers to work for very little money. He tried to encourage farming which would enhance production of food. He failed in this task and Rome steadily declined. With Diocietian in power, he decided to split Rome into two sections East and West. Diocietian would be based and control the west side which was wealthy and have a separate emperor in charge of the underprivileged east. He failed in his attempts to stop Rome from declining.

The Roman Empire was such a unique and advanced civilisation but the period which saw the establishment of Christianity set the basis of a second capital in the empire .There were distinctive buildings with...
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