Roman Charriot Racing

Topics: Chariot racing, Ancient Rome, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Jerrard Butler
October 19, 2012
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Roman Chariot Racing
Roman chariot racing was a very intense bit of entertainment that the Roman people and the Etruscans loved to watch because it was dangerous very fast pace some were long and one would have to have good endurance. These races were no easy tasks, an argument that is almost as old as the sport itself is “is chariot racing a sport or not?” many say it is not because there is not very much physical activity and that the horses are doing all of the work. Others say it cannot be ruled out because of the skill, abilities and coordination the driver had to possess.

Roman chariot racing had a few things that made it extra exhilarating to watch than a modern day chariot race such as Nascar. First off there was no protection of the driver besides his ability to stay on and control the massive beasts that propelled him forward, there was no head gear or anything but what you were wearing. Next there were other drivers and ramming was not uncommon and the ground was not as good as it is today there could be uneven surfaces that could cause a fall or a flip. “Hardcore chariot-racing fans shot back that the heightened reflexes needed to avoid collisions, the hand-eye coordination required to maneuver the chariot itself, and the physical endurance necessary to withstand the long races all made it a viable athletic contest." ( Roman Populace Constantly Argues Whether Chariot-Racing Is Actually A Sport) The drivers had to have precision driving abilities and amazing hand eye coordination that could maneuver without flipping or pushing the animals to hard at the beginning that would cause them to be at extreme exhaustion at the end of the race. The drivers were not ordinary people and had to have these skills to compete or else they would most likely die in the race or be seriously injured, just because of the immediate dangers the race possessed. This makes it a very competitive and exhilarating...
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