Roman Catholic Church: Pope John XXII

Topics: Pope John Paul II, Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul VI Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The article is about Pope John XXIII and the second Vatican council. Pope Pius XII was the pope from 1939 to October 9th,1958. The cardinals decided to chose a candidate that would be a transitional pope. The cardinals choose someone they thought would be rather harmless, simple, and out have a quick term as head of the church. So in October of 1958 they elected Angelo Roncalli. As pope, Angelo took the name John the XXIII, which was almost blasphemous, because anyone who knew anything about church history knew the last John was 500 years ago and was considered a false pope. Pope Jon XXIII choose his name in hopes to restore legitimacy to the name. On January 25, 1959, less then 3 months after his election, Pope John XXIII concluded at the Mass at the Basilica of St. Paul announced the call to an ecumenical council, Vatican II. The purpose of calling the ecumenical council was to reflect his own personal style and pastoral approach with the people and he imaged a church that would incarnate and present with the same style to all humanity. He also knew that the church needed to be reformed and “let in some fresh air.” John saw the council as an opportunity as an updating that every generation of Christians must do to incarnate Jesus message and mission to its own culture, day, and time. He wished to break down boundaries and seek unity with all Christians. Experiences in pope John XXIII developed his views on the church. That the love of God is a relationship to all. That reformers who split from the church early on split because they questioned the legitimacy of church offices, as well as other reasons. So the church defended its legitimacy by over emphasizing the significance of the ordained church leadership and it leader to over emphasizing on the sacrament of holy orders at the expense of baptism. The church claimed to be exactly the church structure that Jesus Christ founded and that everything was the way that Jesus ordained it when he walked the earth....
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