Roman Britain Analysis

Topics: Roman Empire, Roman Britain, Hadrian's Wall Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: December 3, 2012
How did the Romans maintain control of Roman Britain?
There were many ways in which the Romans used to maintain control over Britain. This included using fortifications, British towns, the army and dealing with the resistance from the British. One of the ways that the Romans used to maintain control over the British was through the use of Roman forts. Once the Romans conquered Britain they did not leave they stayed to defend Roman Britain from attacks by fierce tribes who lived in Scotland and Wales. The Romans built stone forts which were place in most British towns such as Pevency, Rochester, Smith Shields, Binchester and Many others. The purpose of these constructions was as fortified bases. In these forts there were barracks, stables and large granaries. In the middle of each there was a headquarters building and close by was a house in which the general in charge of the fort lived with his family. One particular fort was the Chesters Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland. The Romans used this fort to protect a bridge across the River Tyne. The River Tyne was important because it was formed by two rivers the north Tyne and south Tyne, the north Tyne rises on the Scottish border. The Romans decided to build Hadrian’s Wall which was named after the emperor and the purpose of this wall was to stop raids from tribes who lived in Scotland. These tribes were raiding Roman Britain because when the Romans took over they encouraged trade so there was more wealth, the country became rich. Hadrian’s Wall was 73 miles long because they needed to build it as a border which would help them protect Roman Britain. Since it was so long they needed to build mile castles on the wall. The soldiers who patrolled on the wall lived in barracks which were in the mile castles. The responsibilities of the soldiers that patrolled on Hadrian’s Wall were that they had to guard turrets which were small watch towers along the wall every 500 metres. Furthermore the Romans used...

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